August 2012

August is usually our hot month,  but this year it can’t be any hotter than June

and July.  All grass is brown and most weeds are green so they show up good. I

have seen some Musk Thistle showing some drought stress but all Bull Thistles

are greener than ever.

The 25th Annual Leafy Spurge working Task Force Tour and Conference was

cancelled due to the wildfires burning in the area. Some of the Region II Weed

Supers looked at the Leafy Spurge Test Plots. None of the Spurge in the check

strips showed any drought stress even where one half of the plots were hayed the

regrowth in the check strips were lush and green. The Test Plots were impressive,

some about 98% control down to about 25% control. If anyone is interested in the

final results consult any Region II Weed Superintendent.

Starting the last week in August is the beginning of the fall spray season. Leafy Spurge

needs to be sprayed at least 2 weeks before a killing frost, which in central Nebraska

is  normally around Sept 22. As we all know Leafy Spurge is rooted down from 15 to 20 feet so I

expect to see no drought stress on fall regrowth. The same holds true with the fall

spraying of invasive Phragmites which grows close to water and rooted to water

so business as usual for the Phragmites.

Good Luck to one and all with your fall spraying plans and hope the wind  is calm each

day, daytime temps of 76 and nitetime temps about 56 or so.  Don’t hurt to dream.