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Prepare for spring/ Ainsworth Tour

April 9th we had our ifrst significant spring moisture, 1 1/2 inches plus, which

should be enough moisture to get the weeds growing. Spring gives us a chance

to check our Fall Spray Program which was a challange last year with the

drought stressed  plants.  The Musk Thistle, we know all green rossettes

would have been killed and with a good residual herbicide any new plants

sprouting will be done

The Leafy Spurge may be a different story.  Continue reading

August 2012

August is usually our hot month,  but this year it can’t be any hotter than June

and July.  All grass is brown and most weeds are green so they show up good. I

have seen some Musk Thistle showing some drought stress but all Bull Thistles

are greener than ever.

The 25th Annual Leafy Spurge working Task Force Tour and Conference was

cancelled due to the wildfires burning in the area. Some of the Region II Weed

Supers looked at the Leafy Spurge Test Plots. None of the Spurge in the check

strips showed any drought stress even where one half of the plots were hayed the

regrowth in the check strips were lush and green. Continue reading

Summer Time 2012 is Here

Did anyone read the June Post on this site?????

I have not heard any response from it  !  !  !

The phone has been busy and the Garfield County

Weed Super has been busier. Noxious weeds are

healthy indeed- despite the dry conditions.

Just a reminder about the Leafy Spurge Conference Continue reading

Spring Weed War Underway…….2012

The Spring weed war is under way a few weeks early. Musk Thistle are starting to

bolt. It will not be long before we need to switch Herbicide from Rozzette Stage

to Bolting stage.

Leafy Spurge is from flower stage to ….just coming up. Most of the Leafy Spurge

that was sprayed last fall with a good product is not showing up this spring

which cheapens up the spring control cost and leaves more time

to control new patches.

With a months head start on the spring work, Continue reading